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CV / Resume Template by Job type

The CV by sector, original and punchy

There are two reasons for choosing a CV per sector. The first reason is to avoid monotony. A recruiter spends barely 1 minute on a file, so unnecessary repetitions must be avoided. It is indeed possible that a candidate has quite significant professional experience. By keeping the “classic” style, it is likely that information can be repeated. This type of CV will highlight the different activities that the applicant has carried out to allow the recruiter to have a broader idea of his skills. The second reason is to bring a touch of innovation to your CV. This CV format indeed requires a slightly different document structure. It will therefore be a way for the candidate to stand out, especially since this style of CV is not yet very widespread.

How do you go about it?

Simply take stock of the professional experiences you have already had and gather all the tasks and assignments that are similar in one and the same section, which you will then give a title that corresponds to the competence that corresponds to them. For example, the section could be entitled: Management, IT, etc., and will contain the relevant details. You can then do the same with all the other skills to finally obtain a CV that highlights all the candidate’s assets, especially those related to the sector in which they work, and have an effective CV.

The objective of the applicant will be to find at least 3 or 4 interesting skills to highlight. By doing so, all superfluous information will be removed and important information can be better valued. By going through the CV, the recruiter will then be able to identify the candidate’s strengths in a few seconds and avoid getting lost in the intricacies of a curriculum vitae which gives 5 times the same information.

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