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How to catch your Dream Job ?

Searching for a job may be very exhausting !

Every graduated student make a resume and send it to recruiters , they thought that only there education and experiences could catch them a job , unfortunately this is not real , I can say that these things are obligatory to have but recruiters search for a special profile.

I mean for example, you and your friend have the same academic path also the same experiences, so how could recruiters choose one of you? This is what we are going to see in this article.

Recruiters focus to more things to select one candidate; they search for a profile that can do the work to the fullest. So dear readers we are here to get you closer to recruiter’s work.

  1. Write an attractive summary header

Get a head start by opening with a strong narrative statement that clearly outlines your objectives and professional profile in two to three sentences. Think of it as the first impression that you’re making on paper or as your personal brand statement.

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  1. Be more vulnerable

We believe that innovation is founded on failure and that moments of failure often present the best growth opportunities. 

Failure articulates the level of complexity you were solving for, your drive, your creativity, your grit, and your stubbornness. That’s why, if a company is using behavioral interviewing you will almost certainly be asked some variation of the question, “Tell me about a time you failed. How did you deal with this situation?” And you have to explain how you approach and react to difficult situations and how you apply the lessons you learn to solve future problems. 

  1. Pitch your own role

Companies want to hire employees who are going to solve a challenge before they even know it needs solving. We call this being remarkably helpful, and one way to do so is by pitching a net new role to a company and then pitching yourself as the ideal candidate for that role.

To do this right, you really need to:

  1. carefully study what the company is doing
  2. research the team organization and the content employees share
  3. identify what their potential pain points might be

 Then, make a business case quantifying the benefits of implementing the role. Once the case is made, sell yourself and the skills you bring to the table that prove you are the perfect fit. 

  1. Be transparent about your skills

Employers know you’re not perfect and that there is always more to learn. So instead of trying to hide the skills and experiences you don’t have, own them. Demonstrating your self-awareness and autonomy, as well as the velocity at which you adapt and learn, will certainly help you stand out from other applicants.

  1. Show your true colors

Recruiters want candidates that hold the same values as their company but also bring their own authentic selves and unique flare to the organization.

Instead, don’t be afraid to express in your CV what topics you are truly passionate about or what hobbies you’re obsessed with. Instead of just listing “running” as a hobby, write, “I train three times a week in preparation for a 10km I’m doing in March.” These details help paint a better picture of the authentic you and shed light on your commitment to personal development

reaching a new job is challenging, but it doesn’t have to be impersonal. Leave your education and experiences on the side and start focusing on what makes you YOU, be more open, be more transparent, be more human. Trust me, recruiters will notice.

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Thanks for your time !


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